Everyone negotiates. Nearly all of us could do it better. negotiable can help.

Negotiable is a collection of resources that helps people build, maintain, and apply their ability to coordinate with others and achieve success

What’s in Negotiable?

  • At the heart of Negotiable are learning sequences revolving around short, engaging videos that debunk myths, highlight good practices, and bring ideas to life through examples.

    Other resources help you personalize and apply the ideas …

  • Assessments let you benchmark your habits and styles against others and experts

  • Worksheets guide you to apply the practices we suggest to the situations you face

  • Roleplays give you an approach for hands-on practice and learning

How would I use Negotiable?

Choose from our recommended learning paths according to your timing and interests. If you want a condensed introduction that covers the core ideas in under a half-hour, pick the Briefing Book. Click here to see the first video, no log-in required.

For a deeper dive, dig into the Basics of Bargaining sequence. You could also follow our Job Negotiations sequence to prepare for negotiating terms for a new or current job. Or zero-in on tug-of-war bargaining preparation with our Fixed Pie Playbook sequence.

You can learn entirely on your own. But we think there’s great value in teaming up with others and we offer a range of suggestions for doing so.

How can I learn more about job negotiations?

See our Job Negotiations page for a description of resources focused specifically on preparing for, and succeeding in, job negotiations.


Can I see more?

Review our Episode Map to see the collection of videos. Watch them in sequence, skip ahead, or loop back.


How do I compare?

Complete one or more assessments to benchmark your habits for bargaining and your comfort level with negotiation.


Does it matter?

Negotiable is grounded in social science. See highlights from our research, including links between negotiation habits and well-being.

What people are saying...

“Thoughtful and logical progression... I now have a more tactical approach to negotiating”

– Negotiable user

“... a very good framework for thinking through what negotiations are and how you can navigate them in any context.”

– Negotiable user

“Simple yet impactful”

– Negotiable user

“Entertaining as well as informative... made something I thought was so difficult and complex into something easy to dissect and accomplish”

– Negotiable user

“Understanding the ‘Five Dramas’ will help me better prepare the next time I find myself at the table”

– Negotiable user

“Breaks down concepts in a digestible, engaging, and concrete way... helped to widen my lens and expand how I view negotiations”

– Negotiable user

“Engaging, easy to follow, systematic, and well-organized”

– Negotiable user

“Very easy to understand... presented in a way that easily applies to situations in my own life”

– Negotiable user

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