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An introduction to how Negotiable could be used in organizational settings.

Negotiable is a powerful and flexible way for organizations to help members and employees build, maintain, and apply their ability to work through differences with others and find valuable solutions to tough problems.

What’s in Negotiable?

  • At the heart of Negotiable is a series of short, engaging videos. Written and narrated by an award-winning negotiations expert—and beautifully animated by an acclaimed illustrator—these episodes lay out effective ways for thinking about, and acting in, negotiations.

    Other resources help users personalize and apply the ideas ...

  • Assessments let users benchmark their habits and styles against others and experts

  • Worksheets help users apply the ideas to the situations they’re facing

  • Roleplays give users a chance to team up for hands-on practice and learning

Who is Negotiable for?

The core of our answer to this basic question is reflected in the short video below ...

We see negotiation as an everyday part of virtually everyone’s life. Any time two or more people with different points of view come together and seek agreement on a way to move ahead, they’re negotiating. From sales professionals to senior leaders, from business development to team managers, negotiation skills are relevant to nearly everyone’s performance and well-being. Negotiable aims to help those who’ve never had training before make quick progress. And Negotiable can help skilled professionals take stock, hone their skills further, and share what they know with others.

While Negotiable is relevant to anyone who has to solve problems with other people, the learning approach you use might vary from one group or population to the next. Read on for more details.

How would we use Negotiable?

You can put the pieces of Negotiable together in many different ways—and your approach depends on what you want to accomplish. The learning approach can vary from one group of users to the next—and you can create as many or as few groups as you wish. If you want to give members of a group the ability to pick their own path and pace, choose a Self-Guided approach. Another model is a Group Learning Path with a shared set of activities and target dates. We describe both of these models below as well as some additional optional components you might consider.

See the Group Leader Guide (login access required) for suggestions on workshops, meetups, and other ways to program around Negotiable’s content


Give people the flexibility to set their own paths. Drawing on our recommendations, they can work through Negotiable’s materials over a few hours, days, or weeks. Users can also access Negotiable as a reference, consulting materials and tools as needed.

Group Learning Path

Have group members cover the same content at the same pace, following a learning path set by the group leader. We provide recommended paths depending on how much material you want to cover and how quickly. It’s easily to create, customize, and update the path as you wish.

OPTIONAL Social Learning

Even when people manage their own path, learning can be greatly enhanced by teaming up with others. We recommend options for how users can connect—in pairs or small groups—for informal group meet-ups, discussions, roleplay practice, goal-setting, and so on.

OPTIONAL Group Sessions

A group session can motivate and propel learning. We offer suggestions for sessions ranging from 90 minutes to a full day, with participants reviewing selected materials in advance. Sessions can feature discussion, roleplays, and applying good practices to the situations participants face.

OPTIONAL Sharing Best Practices

Whether you pursue self-guided learning or a group path, we encourage you to capture and share insights from in-house leaders and skilled practitioners. Their observations and advice can put Negotiable’s ideas and recommendations in context. We provide suggestions for what you might capture and how you could integrate it with Negotiable.

Applying and Maintaining

Negotiable is designed to help users make lasting behavioral changes and apply good practices on an ongoing basis. Our worksheets can be used as challenges arise. Summary diagrams and short videos provide quick refreshers on key ideas. Our assessments are designed to be taken repeatedly, tracking changes and progress over time. We also offer options for periodic messages, with reminders of good practices, suggestions for ongoing development, and encouragement to draw on Negotiable’s resources.


Negotiable is priced to encourage widespread adoption. Costs for access through organizational accounts start at $95 per person for a year of access, with the cost dropping with volume. You can see our full organizational pricing schedule and other details in the Account Manager section of our site. Read on below for details on how to register as an Account Manager.


The next step is to register as an Account Manager. This quick process involves no cost and no commitment on behalf of your organization. Once registered, you’ll have access to all of Negotiable at no charge, giving you a chance to review the site. You can also see additional details on pricing and review materials, such as the Group Leader Guide, that can help you think about how your organization would use Negotiable. If you decide to purchase licenses, you can do that through the Account Manager interface, giving you the ability to set up groups and enroll users immediately.

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